Integrated Overvoltage and Overcurrent Devices Help Minimize Costly Warranty Returns in Consumer Electronics

28th August 2012
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TE Circuit Protection has today announced the release of the PolyZen CE series of circuit protection devices for tablet PCs and other portable consumer electronics. Consumer electronics require robust circuit protection to help protect sensitive electronics from overvoltage and overcurrent events that can result in costly product returns and warranty issues.
The low-profile (1.0mm height) PolyZen CE device, rated at an industry-leading 2.6A, is an innovative solution that offers significant performance advantages over discrete solutions employing fuses, Zeners and other passive devices. The PolyZen CE series offers board designers plug-and-play overvoltage protection devices that relieve them of the time it takes to integrate and test less effective discrete and more costly IC solutions.

TE Circuit Protection’s PolyZen products integrate a precision Zener diode, with 5.6V and 13.2V Zener voltage (Vz) options, and a PolySwitch Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient device in a single, surface-mount assembly. Offered in a thin, compact package useful for space-constrained applications, the PolyZen CE series uses a thermally protected Zener diode to help protect electronics against voltage transients, reverse-bias and the incorrect use of power supplies. The PolySwitch PPTC element shuts out excessive current while the fault condition remains and helps shield the Zener diode and downstream electronics from damage.

“When building circuit protection into tablets and other cutting-edge consumer products, manufacturers must weigh component costs against the high price of potential warranty returns that can ultimately compromise their brand,” said Curtis Wong, Global Portfolio Product Manager for TE Circuit Protection. “The two conventional approaches either provide inadequate protection or are less cost effective. Multiple discrete component solutions, such as fuses and TVS diodes, generally don’t offer enough overvoltage protection, and ICs, with their unnecessary ‘bells-and-whistles’ features, are more costly. In contrast, our new PolyZen CE series hits the sweet spot of value-to-performance by offering a single placement, cost-effective solution that provides reliable, robust overvoltage and overcurrent protection for a wide variety of portable electronics applications.”

The PolyZen CE series includes six devices with various current ratings to accommodate a wide range of applications. These include:

• Tablet PCs and Ultrabooks

• GPS and navigation systems

• Hard disk drives

• Solid state drives

• Cigarette lighter adaptor chargers

• Cell phone charger ports and USB power

• Portable media players and set top boxes

• Automotive infotainment power

• DC power port

• Industrial handheld point-of-sale products


2.6A Hold Current: ZEN056V260A16CE, ZEN132V260A16CE

2.3A Hold Current: ZEN056V230A16CE, ZEN132V230A16CE

1.3A Hold Current: ZEN056V130A24CE, ZEN132V130A24CE

Price: $0.66 each for minimum quantities of 4,000 units

Availability: Samples available now

Delivery: 12 weeks ARO

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