Long life capacitor can exceed 175k hours at +40°C

26th April 2021
Mick Elliott

United Chemi-Con’s longest life version in its U37 grade series, the U37X Screw Terminal Aluminium Capacitor is in stock at New Yorker Electronics.

The U37 is specifically designed to provide the ripple current capability and long life required for high reliability inverter applications, such as in UPS devices and servo press machines where higher capacity is required.

The component provides capacitance ranges of 1,200 to 18,000µF and voltage ranges from 350 to 500VDC.

It has a rated lifetime of 15,000 hours at 85°C with rated ripple current applied.

The category temperature range is 40°C to 85°C.

Leakage current is 0.02CV(µA) or 5mA, whichever is smaller, after five minutes at 25°C, with a standard capacitance tolerance of -20-percent.

The nominal case size is a diameter of 50mm (2.000in) to 89mm (3.500in) with length options of 92mm (3.625in) to 219mm (8.625in), all available through New Yorker Electronics.

Screw connection types are ideal for inverter and speed controller applications where high ripple currents can occur.

The U37X has an endurance rating of 15,000 hours at +85° with the rated ripple current applied but according to UCC, useful life can exceed 175,000 hours at +40°C and 2.1 times the ripple current. Voltage ranges from 6.3 volts to 700 volts make serial capacitor arrangements obsolete.

The full line of UCC U37 screw connection types offer very high capacities in the range of over 2uF at ambient temperatures up to +105°C.

This enables high operating temperatures without any loss of the specified service life.

These capacitors are also available in a variety of high-current terminals in both English and Metric threads.

Mounting options include a three-footed clamp or bottom threaded stud and custom designs are available.

The capacitor is RoHS Compliant.

Applications include Inverter and Speed Controllers, UPS devices and Servo Press machines

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