IRC¹s T-Level Qualified Thick Film Resistors

13th May 2010
ES Admin
Providing design engineers with a complete range of high reliability, precision chip resistors, TT electronics IRC has received T-Level qualification for its TMC Series thick film chip resistors, which are now listed on the DSCC Qualified Products List.
“This T-level designation allows our precision chip resistors to be specified for use in military/aerospace equipment with the highest reliability requirements, including all space-level applications,” said Gary Bleasdell, director of TT electronics IRC’s thick film business unit. “With our thick film TMC chip resistors qualified to R and now T-level DSCC QPL specification, we are able to offer our customers a comprehensive range of highly reliable, military-qualified products for all military/aerospace systems.”

The TMC thick film T-level qualified resistors are available in 1206, 2010 and 2512 package sizes. Power rating for the resistors is 250mW for the 1206 chip, 800mW for the 2010 resistor and 1000mW for the 2512 package size, with voltage ratings of 100V, 150V and 200V, respectively. Resistance ranges from 1.0Ω to 15MΩ, and tolerances are to ±1%, ±2%, ±5% and ±10%.

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