Improved voltage ratings for RNCF0402 thin film precision chip resistors

5th October 2020
Alex Lynn

As modern electronics evolve, engineers are challenged to expand functionality in smaller packages. To facilitate this these demands, resistors and other components need to be available in small case sizes without sacrificing performance. Chip resistors with smaller sizes and higher performance are critical to the evolution of portable test and measurement equipment, portable medical electronics, diagnostic devices, and high end portable audio electronics.

Stackpole recently improved the power rating for their RNCF0402 thin film precision chip resistor up to 50V continuous working voltage. This improvement allows the RNCF0402 to be used for applications that normally would require a larger part because of voltage requirements.

Typical pricing for the RNCF0402 depends on resistance value, tolerance, and TCR. Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distributors for specific pricing.

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