Improved power rating for precision chip resistors

14th December 2020
Alex Lynn

Stackpole recently enhanced their RNCF0402 size Nichrome precision chip resistor, increasing the power rating to 0.1W for resistance values from 4.7 ohms to 255K for 0.1% tolerances and 25 ppm TCR. This improved power rating allows the RNCF0402 to be used for applications that may normally require an 0603 or 0805 size chip resistor enabling downsizing and making added functionality much easier.

As electronics continue to downsize and add functionality, there is a consistent need for smaller and more precise chip resistors. If the application requires both small size and high power handling, then finding suitable precision resistors may be challenging.

The excellent precision, and small size of the RNCF makes it a popular choice for a wide range of consumer electronics, computer and telecom equipment, measurement systems, instrumentation, medical monitoring, and high end commercial audio devices.

Pricing for the RNCF0402 varies with resistance value, tolerance and TCR. Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distributors for specific or volume pricing.

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