Unprecedented precision - Inductive M12 sensor measures contact-free with 4 nanometer resolution

18th April 2011
ES Admin

The resolution of the IPRM 12 inductive sensor has been significantly improved. The sensor now measures with a resoution of up to 4 nm, which is to date unmatched in its class.

* To date unmatched resolution up to 4 nm
* High measuring speed of 1 mm/s
* Alternative to high-precision measuring systems
* Different versions offer solutions for any requirements

With this performance it constitutes the ideal solution for monitoring concentricity and vibration of shafts or high precision measurements of manufacturing tolerances and deflections of shafts, leaf springs or levers.

All of the necessary electronics are integrated in its 90 mm short M12 housing. Compared to measuring systems with external evaluation unit this reduces acquisition costs and guarantees an easy integration into compact machines. At the same time, the sensor is one of the fastest sensors in its class with a measuring speed of 1 mm/s.

The IPRM 12 serves as a contact-free measuring system, which does not leave scratches or pressure points on delicate finished products.
With its high performance the sensor is a compelling alternative to complex measuring systems. The high linearity as well as temperature stability allow high precision measurements; a robust metal housing and protection class IP 67 equal high durability.

For various measuring tasks three differently configured sensor versions are available. Depending on the application they are optimized for high resolution and high linearity, high resolution in long-range sensing or an extended measuring range upon a minor temperature drift.

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