Toshiba’s New Photocouplers and Photorelays Publication is Essential Reference for Optical Isolation

6th November 2012
ES Admin
Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has launched a new Photocouplers and Photorelays guide that is set to become an essential reference for engineers looking to build galvanic isolation and noise protection into their applications.
The free guide will speed the design and implementation of optically isolated circuits in a wide variety of applications ranging from factory automation and renewable energy systems to consumer and office automation products.

Featuring over 80 pages of information, the Photocouplers and Photorelays guide includes product data, technical drawings, application circuit examples and details on board assembly. Technologies covered include high-speed photo-IC couplers, phototransistor couplers, phototriac couplers, photovoltaic couplers and photorelays. Product identification is simplified thanks to a comprehensive selection guide, details on packaging information and a competitor cross-reference table.

Products in Toshiba’s photocoupler portfolio are based on the optical coupling of either GaAs or GaAlAs infrared LEDs with a silicon photodetector. The range, which includes ultra-compact and high-temperature options, covers photocouplers for logic signal transmission, products for driving gates of MOSFETs and IGBTs, and Photorelays that can replace conventional mechanical relays.

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