New Task And Studio Lights Provide Up To 60% Energy Saving

31st October 2012
ES Admin
New Workshop bay lights from Marl International offer exceptional energy efficiency for as well as outstanding colour rendering. Marl Bay Range 781 Series task/studio lights provide energy savings of 20-60% against equivalent lights based on conventional technology, typically covering their purchase cost within 3-4 years (depending on usage).
Commenting on the announcement, Adrian Rawlinson, Managing Director of Marl International, said that, “Working areas and photographic studios need high levels of very intense illumination. Using conventional light sources, this not only requires a lot of power but generates a lot of heat which can make the area uncomfortable. Marl’s new LED task and studio lights are the ideal solution.”

The key feature of the 781 Series is its efficiency, providing between 83.3 and 94.2 lumens per watt from a mains voltage supply. The 781 Series of Bay Range LED lighting is very directional, so that all of the light created illuminates the target area and there are no UV emissions, further enhancing efficiency. Colour rendering for all lights is very good, with CRI of 70 or 75 and a colour temperature of 5310 – 6020K or 4745 – 5310K depending on the product selected.

The cases are sealed to IP67 standards, rendering them suitable for outdoor applications as well. The energy efficiency of these products makes them particularly suitable for construction contractors and site lighting, which needs to be powered from a battery or generator power source. The lights can be readily integrated with dusk to dawn and motion sensors, and are offered with optional 1 to 10 volt dimming control lines.

Marl International is a pioneer of LED lighting technology, and designs, assembles and sells energy efficient lighting products at its facility in Ulverston, England. The Bay Range is the most efficient ever range of high performance white LED lights from Marl, providing energy savings of 20% to 60% against conventional lighting technologies in applications like industrial, office and warehouse internal lighting, security and event floodlighting, street lighting and other applications. For example, the 770 Series light generates up to 8,800 lumens from a 94W supply, making it amongst the most efficient light sources available. Bay range lights are offered with a choice of narrow (23°) or wide (50°) beam angles.

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