LED lighting drivers from Diodes Incorporated simplify low power single cell applications

11th May 2010
ES Admin
The ZXLD381 and ZXLD383 LED drivers from Diodes Incorporated have been designed to provide the simplest possible solution for driving low power high brightness LEDs from a single solar or rechargeable battery cell. PFM DC-DC converters with an on-board low saturation voltage switching transistor, the devices only need an inductor for high efficiency LED illumination.
Operating from an input voltage as low as 0.9V and delivering up to 80mA, they generate a constant current for driving single or multiple LEDs, determined by the external inductor value. Offering efficiency as high as 93%, the drivers help extend battery life in a wide range of illumination applications.

The ZXLD383 combines the features of the ZXLD381 with a dual function enable input which provides an inhibit control and an ultra-low voltage drop isolation diode for battery charging purposes in garden lights. This eliminates the need for an external photocell array isolation diode, making the driver ideal for solar powered garden and walkway lamps.

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