Laser diode modules deliver sharp laser spots

5th May 2017
Enaie Azambuja

Thanks to their reliability, build quality, and affordable cost, LASER COMPONENTS’ popular FLEXPOINT laser diode module range are continuing to increase in demand. The FLEXPOINT series is a simplified and easy-to-use laser solution which can deliver sharp, bright laser spots, lines, and patterns, in a variety of colours. The laser modules are fully customisable and only need to be connected to a DC voltage source (wavelength dependent) to operate.

The focus option provides the user with an easy way to reduce the beam diameter at multiple distances - no tools required! With a range of red, green, blue, and infrared solutions the Flexpoint series is used for alignment with either the naked eye or a camera system, small-area illumination, triangulation-based range-finding, and many more applications.

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