16-Bit Optical Encoder with SPI and Serial/Parallel Outputs

2nd November 2011
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iC-LNG is an optoelectronic encoder IC for absolute linear and angle measuring systems. Photosensors, amplifiers, and comparators, an LED power control and an adjustable signal conditioning unit have been monolithically integrated into the device, as have the necessary interfaces for configuration and data output.
iC-LNG derives the position data from an analog sine/cosine track and 10 or 11 Gray-coded digital tracks. Using the integrated 6-bit flash interpolator absolute position data of up to 16 bits can be generated in real time. Output is through an SPI interface, a fast shift register, or a 14-bit parallel interface.

iC-LNG also has incremental encoder quadrature signals with an index and conditioned sine/cosine signals from the analog track at its disposal. The number of pulses for the quadrature signals can be varied.

Optical position sensors
Linear scales
Absolute, incremental, and parallel encoders
Motor feedback systems

Excellent matching and technical reliability thanks to system-on-chip design with integrated photodiodes
Gray code scanning (11 digital tracks pitched at 400 μm)
Sine/cosine analog track with electronic calibration
Diff. sine/cosine outputs with 1024 CPR (amplitude: 500 V)
Position value of up to 16 bits through 6-bit interpolation
Quadrature signals with 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384 CPR
Index signal in phase with B low
14-bit parallel position data output
Serial data readout in 1 μs cycles at 16 MHz clock frequency
SPI interface for configuration and position data output
3.3 V-compatible SPI and I/O ports
LED current control for a constant receive power
(50mA highside driver, sin2+cos2 or sum)
Permanent parity monitoring of the internal RAM bits
Alarm for configuration and illumination errors (end of life)
Temperature range from -40°C to 110°C
Small outline, 30-pin optoBGA package for SMT
Illumination: iC-SN85 BLCC SN1C (850nm encoder LED)
Code discs:
LNG1S 42-1024 (1024 PPR, Ø 42 mm/18mm),
LNG2S 25-512 (512 PPR, Ø 24.8 mm/2mm)

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