Green precision laser modules suitable for alignment applications

1st February 2016
Jordan Mulcare

LASER COMPONENTS’ 'popular' range of LT-PLM Precision Laser Modules, most notable for their high bore sighting accuracy with a deviation of less than 1mm over distances of 20m, are now available with a green laser. Green lasers are common for alignment and positioning applications as green laser spots and lines are very sharp and crisp over a wide range of operational distances.

By integrating our green laser modules into our specialised housings we can now deliver a green laser module which can produce a dot aligned with the mechanical housing, allowing the lasers to be secured and rotated without the spot deviating from the aligned position.

The LT-PLM series is available as a standard cylindrical module which features an M12 connector to power the laser or as a cylindrical module with an integrated battery allowing for remote operation, or in a square housing designed to allow users to prop the module on a flat surface.

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