GlacialLight GL-FL30-V2 – Enhanced LED Flood Lighting for Interior and Exterior Applications

6th November 2012
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GlacialLight has added the GL-FL30-V2, a 27W AC-input LED Flood Light with Philips Lumileds LED chips, to its energy efficient and light-weight flood light series.
The GL-FL30-V2 comes with a range of enhancements when compared to the earlier models of GL-FL30. The maximum input voltage of this flood light has been increased from 240V AC to 277V AC. Further, the electronic circuit provides a higher power factor for enhanced energy efficiency - increased from >0.92@120V AC and >0.7@240V AC to >0.95@120V AC and >0.87@240V AC. The GL-FL30-V2 is also smaller (180 x 140 x 105mm) and lighter (1.2kg).

The small size and the light weight of the flood light enable it to be easily installed for indoor and outdoor applications. Typical usages for the GL-FL30-V2 include spot lighting, architectural lighting, commercial lighting, factory and work area lighting, retail lighting, public space and building exterior lighting, as well as many other interior and exterior lighting roles.

Making the most out of LED technology, GlacialLight's GL-FL30-V2 converts electricity to light with exceptional efficiency. Compared to equivalent mercury flood lights, these LED flood lights consume far less power for the same light output. The GL-FL30-V2-CW has a luminous efficacy of 70.4 lumens per watt, and the GL-FL30-V2-WW has a luminous efficacy of 58.1 lumens per watt.

GL-FL30-V2 can be bought in two different beam angles: 30° for spotlight applications and 60° for floodlight applications. The smaller 30° beam angle illuminates with a direct beam, and the wider 60° beam angle provides gentler lighting across a larger area.

Two different color temperatures are available. The GL-FL30-V2-CW provides illumination at Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of 6000K with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 70, while the GL-FL30-V2-WW has a CCT of 3000K and a CRI of 85. Both color temperature versions of the GL-FL30-V2 have an input voltage range of 100V to 277V AC.

With the environment in mind GlacialLight designed the GL-FL30-V2 Flood Light to contain no hazardous chemicals, such as mercury, and to create no harmful radiation emissions such as UV or IR, making them more eco-friendly than traditional lighting. This AC input flood light series is also more economically friendly, consuming less power while providing more light than traditional lighting products.

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