Free clamp meter with every infrared camera

1st August 2017
Alice Matthews

The ability to receive and correlate measurement data from similarly WiFi enabled meters is a benefit of the FLIR Ex-Series point-and-shoot thermal imaging cameras. Until the end of September 2017, anyone buying a FLIR E6 or E8 camera will be able to experience this functionality for free.  For this limited period, every FLIR E6 or E8 ordered will come complete with a FLIR CM4x clamp meter. The FLIR Ex-Series infrared cameras are powerful and cost-effective tools for electrical and mechanical thermal inspection.

Both include FLIR’s patented MSX as standard. This technology provides thermal imaging detail and has contributed significantly to the popularity of these models.

MSX extracts the outline detail from the visual image and blends it with the thermal profile, making is easier for the camera user to diagnose the problem. The company claims that its effect is particularly striking on the higher resolution 320x240px images captured by the FLIR E8. Such is the clarity of the MSX-enhanced image that a supporting visual image is often unnecessary. MSX can also be applied to stored visual and thermal JPEG images after inspection.

The FLIR CM4x family of clamp meters includes three professional true RMS instruments; FLIR CM44 is suitable for AC clamp measurement and the FLIR CM46 for both AC and DC. During the company’s summer promotion FLIR E6 customers will receive a free FLIR CM44 and those ordering a FLIR E8, a FLIR CM46.

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