Erbium Ytterbium doped optical fibres for fibre lasers

22nd August 2018
Enaie Azambuja

LASER COMPONENTS has offered Erbium Ytterbium doped fibre with a core diameter range of 6um to 30um. Due to great demand for high power CW sources at 1.5um and output power of 20-30W range, our partner iXblue has worked extensively to improve both the core composition and the low index coating package in order to bring this technology up to customers’ expectations.

Customers can appreciate the high PCE (Power Conversion Efficiency) obtained without sacrificing the 1um emission internally, and Laser Component's coating package exhibits excellent environmental performances.

This Erbium Ytterbium doped fibre has key features such as high efficiency, high pump and consistent absorption, low background losses and low 1um parasitic emission. New developments of this fibre have been carried out for pulsed applications and high-power version, up to 20W amplifier.

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