Embedded vision in packaging applications

17th August 2018
Enaie Azambuja

Vision Components has offered a comprehensive hardware and software portfolio for OEMs manufacturing image processing technology for the packaging industry. The company’s embedded vision systems autonomously perform inspection tasks with different degrees of complexity, for instance, code reading, fill level detection, completeness checks, printed image control, label inspection, as well as detection and categorisation in sorting facilities.

Vision Components specialises in intelligent, network-compatible embedded vision systems and offers a wide range of new camera models with high-performance CMOS sensors. Type VCSBC nano Z-RH-0273 smart cameras provide an excellent price–performance ratio for applications that require very high speeds at medium resolutions.

Their IMX273 sensor from Sony's Pregius series has a 1.6MP resolution (1440 x 1080px). The maximum frame rate in this format is 170fps. At lower resolutions, even higher speeds can be achieved.

For applications that require high resolutions and high frame rates, VC Z cameras with an IMX252 sensor with 3.2MP resolution are available. The board cameras with a remote image sensor are very small and lightweight and enable highly flexible integration.

To facilitate application development, Vision Components offers the VC LibQ software library, which, in addition to over 300 proprietary functions for all typical image-processing tasks, comprises more than 2000 operators from MVTec's Halcon software.

OEMs who do not need the full set of VC LibQ functions can purchase one of these dedicated packages: code reading, OCR, pattern recognition, or the combined package code reading + OCR. All operators are thoroughly tried and tested, as versions of these software products have been successfully used for more than 20 years.

Vision Components has tailored the algorithms to VC Z embedded systems to ensure optimum interaction of hardware and software. Thus, OEMs can significantly shorten the time to market for image processing solutions for packaging applications.

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