DSM's Stanyl ForTii outperforms LCP in several ways

12th November 2013
Staff Reporter

Marketed by DSM as a breakthrough LED array holder, DSM’s Stanyl ForTii F11C outperforms a liquid crystal polymer in several aspects. It has high impact strength and its very good flow properties enable it to fill a mold originally designed for an LCP. With Stanyl ForTii you can produce parts with higher weld line strength, resulting in significant less cracking during assembling.




LEDs are setting designers free to create new concepts in lighting. LED Array Holders simplify the LED installation process and reduce installation time due to compression contacts that eliminate hand soldering. The holders allow customers to install LED arrays quickly into fixtures. The LED array holder is produced by one of the world’s top suppliers of connectors and interconnect components.

DSM's Stanyl ForTii F11C has a high deflection temperature under load (305°C), required to minimize distortion during reflow soldering, and is better than that of other rival thermoplastics such as polyphthalamide (PPA) and LCP’s. It has a UL94 V-0 flammability rating, and this special version developed by DSM for LED array holders also has the white color and reflectivity required.

With Stanyl ForTii, DSM is helping its customers bring to market an easy to assemble, halogen free lower-cost LED. In summary, Stanyl ForTii helps LED lighting producers lower their costs and improve reliability.

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