Compact three-in-one RGB LED is AEC-Q101 qualified

14th April 2016
Nat Bowers

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS has announced a three-in-one RGB LED with compact size and colour transformation which has been AEC-Q101 qualified. Suited for interior ambient lighting and dashboard applications, the 67-63U(AM) has a golden lead frame which significantly improves a product's ability to resist sulfur. This enables the LED to perform, no matter how severe the environment is. 

The wavelengths of the 67-63U(AM) are: 620-630nm (R), 520-535nm (G) and 447-472nm (B); while its brightness at 20mA is: 560-1120 (R), 1400-2240 (G), 180-560 (B). EVERLIGHT also offers wavelength customisation upon request.

In the automotive industry, customers always need to allocate considerable space for three products because most RGB LEDs comprise three separate chips to control the three different colours. The 67-63U(AM), with a footprint of just 3.5x2.8x1.4mm, satisfies customers’ requirements in terms of size and convenience.

With the strengths of golden lead frame for sulphur resistance and its very compact three-in-one concept to light up the RGB colours separately, EVERLIGHT's 67-63U(AM) series allows for exceptionally effective, convenient and comfortable use. The displayed colours are rich and transit smoothly. The 67-63U(AM) has passed AEC-Q101 and is RoHS compliant, Pb-free and compliant with EU REACH as well as Halogen-free compliance (Br<900 ppm , Cl <900 ppm, Br+Cl <1500 ppm). It is suited for interior ambient lighting and dashboard applications like control units, switches and clusters.

Currently in mass production, the 67-63U(AM) three-in-one RGB LED is available now with samples on request.

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