70mW single-chip UVC LED for sterilisation

19th September 2017
Enaie Azambuja

LG Innotek has introduced the world’s first 70 mW UVC LED, developed for sterilisation. LG Innotek once again set the benchmark for the design of UVC LEDs and rose to the challenge of achieving 70mW – the largest amount of power possible to date – out of a single element. The other parameters, such as If and Vf, have not changed from previous models: the improved light emission is based on new LED chip technology.

Despite the modified semiconductor, even the youngest LG Innotek UV LED family member exhibits the familiar, proven quality: lifetime, stability, and reliability are comparable to weaker versions.

UVC light is in high demand for disinfecting air, water, and surfaces. This wavelength can also be used for curing; thanks to its high power, the degree of curing can be increased. For neither of these applications can the power be high enough. L G Innotek will not cease its efforts in the development of the next generation of UV LEDs.

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