3G-SDI and analogue YPbPr interface for block cameras

17th February 2021
Alex Lynn

AIVION has announced the TL7055, a small form factor 3G-SDI/HD-SDI plus analogue YPbPr output video transmitter for zoom block cameras with an industry-standard LVDS interface. The Interface Board TL7055 can be mounted on the back of the camera.

With a 46 to 44mm size, the board fits optimal to the AIVION zoom block cameras, the Sony FCB-EV7520A, or the Tamron MP1110M-VC. This simple, cost-effective, and reliable solution is suitable for industrial, medical, law enforcement, and security applications and advantageous for cameras with simultaneous 3G-SDI and analogue HD output requirements.

The block camera LVDS video input signals are demultiplexed, processed, and encoded by the TL7055. A transparent full-duplex communication channel accomplishes camera control. The physical layer between the camera and camera controller is based on an RS232 level interface.

The 3G-SDI output is compliant to SMPTE 424M level A, and the HD-SDI output is compliant to SMPTE 292M. The SDI Video output is over an MCX connector that supports the following formats:

  • 1080p60 /59.94 /50 /30 /29.97 /25 Hz
  • 1080i60 /59.94 /50 Hz
  • 720p60 /59.94 /50 /30 /29.97 /25Hz
  • The analogue YPbPr Video output is over an 8pin board to wire connector and supports:
  • 1080p60 /59.94 /50 /30 /29.97 /25 Hz
  • 720p60 /59.94 /50 Hz

The interface operates fully automatic to output the video over SDI and analogue YPbPr. Synchronisation is provided as SMPTE compliant tri-level sync on the Y signal. The TL7055 also has an integrated test pattern generator, activated and deactivated by VISCA commands.

The TL7055 is now orderable. The AIVION Technovations products are available on the eVision systems video online shop.

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