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Acoustic components: MEMS microphone with high signal-to-noise ratio

23rd November 2012
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TDK Corporation presents the new EPCOS C914 MEMS microphone. It offers a particularly high signal-to-noise ratio of 65 dB(A) in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. It is thus particularly suitable for demanding audio applications in smartphones.
Its high SNR improves the audio quality considerably when the signal source is distant from the microphone, such as in video recordings or hands-free talking.

Thanks to the innovative design of the C914, the distortion is no more than one percent even at a sound volume of 128 dB. In contrast to this, an improvement of the signal-to-noise ratio of conventional microphones as a rule leads to a strong rise of the nonlinear distortion at high acoustic pressures.

Besides its outstanding performance features, the microphone has a footprint of only 3.35 x 2.5 mm² and an insertion height of 1 mm. At a supply voltage of between 1.64 and 3.6 V DC, its current consumption is only 300 µA. The output impedance of this RoHS-compatible component is 200 Ω.

Main applications:
-Smartphones and consumer electronics devices

Main features and benefits:
-Signal-to-noise ratio of 65 dB(A)
-Low distortion even at sound volumes of 128 dB
-Compact footprint of 3.35 x 2.5 mm² and an insertion height of 1 mm

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