Windows CE and Linux support for Renesas’ SH7780 32-bit SuperH® microprocessor development platform

13th November 2007
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MPC Data Limited, a leading Renesas Platinum Global Alliance Partner, has announced the immediate availability of a Windows CE 5.0 and a Linux 2.6 board support package for Renesas’ popular SH7780 32-bit SuperH® microprocessor. Both BSPs are targeted at the SDK7780 development platform, providing a choice of operating systems for engineers to design new products based on SH7780, shortening development time and getting products to market faster.
The SDK7780 includes 128MB DDR-SDRAM (upgradeable to 256MB), 128MB Flash, PCI, Ethernet, ATA/ATAPI, MMC, and AC97. MPC Data has also added support for 2 PCI cards, providing USB and a display driver.

The Linux BSP has been developed as part of MPC Data’s ongoing support for embedded Linux on the SH family of controllers and processors, and will be available from www.shlinux.com . The Windows CE BSP has been developed in response to increasing interest in Windows CE on the SH4 architecture. MPC Data provides engineering services and support around both BSPs.

Kevin Heawood, MPC Data’s Strategic Development Director commented “The SDK7780 is an excellent show case for both Windows CE and Linux. By providing BSPs for both, MPC Data is giving developers an easier way to evaluate the SH7780’s capabilities in many diverse applications”.

Joachim Hüpper, Renesas Technology’s Consumer-Industrial Business Unit Marketing Manager, added, ”The SH7780 delivers Pentium-class floating point performance to industrial applications. It aims at industrial PCs at a fraction of the power consumption of an IPC and with long lifetime of typically over 10 years. The availability of core OS support for this high performance platform offers our customers a head start for their new applications and demonstrates our commitment in supporting our products. MPC Data is a key Renesas Partner and bringing a wealth of experience to our SH Processor products.”
The SDK7780 development board and both BSPs are available now from MPC Data.

The SH7780 uses an SH-4A CPU core with a maximum operating frequency of 400MHz and realises a processing performance of 720MIPS. The SH7780 incorporates an on-chip 32-bit PCI bus controller that allows connections with LSI devices incorporating PCI interfaces and operating at either 66MHz or 33MHz. The SH7780 also incorporates a wide range of peripheral functions such as DMAC, SCIF, RTC, FLCTL, TMU, SSI, HAC and MMCIF.

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