TriCore and Aurix MCU support added to software library

17th January 2020
Mick Elliott

From version 2.6.0 onwards, EC-LIB, the secure library of electronic mathematical functions for microcontrollers, now facilitates the software development for microcontrollers of the TriCore- / Aurix-family from Infineon. To do so, Eclipseina has combined established C-software functions with the ones that have been optimised for this group of microcontrollers.

This results in a highly efficient and easy to handle library for fixed-point arithmetic that saves runtime, keeps the code simple and serviceable in the long term, and supports security-oriented applications according to ISO 26262 up to ASIL-D or according to IEC 61508.

EC-LIB‘s individual functions are optimized in terms of algorithms, runtime and code size. They are very well documented in terms of concept, algorithm description and detection and treatment of errors. A configuration concept supports the integration of optimised routines that have been implemented by the respective processor manufacturers within the hardware for optimisation reasons.

This concept allows the developed code to stay independent of the used microcontroller. Thus, EC-LIB is ready for use on single-core (e.g. ARM Cortex M0…M4 or ATmega328), as well as multi-core micro controllers (Aurix).

EC-LIB is speeding up software development.

Instead of programming seemingly trivial functions for each processor anew, developers profit from uniform function calls and identical interfaces, as well as from the extensive documentation of functions within EC-LIB.

The documentation is not only provided in the handbook but also in Doxygen format and thus can be directly integrated into the development documentation.

There is a low-cost, pre-compiled version of EC-LIB, as well as one with the source code in C, with completely established licensing rights.

In addition, Eclipseina offers design-in-support plus straight forward communication with developers.

If additional functions are needed, they can be created customer-specific or offered as a free update for all customers.

Eclipseina has extensive experience and offers support for refactoring projects.

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