Renesas redefines 32-bit CISC market with large on-chip RAM and Flash memory microcontrollers

26th February 2008
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Renesas Technology Europe has announced the R32C/111 group of microcontrollers with on-chip flash memory and incorporating the R32C/100 high-performance 32-bit CPU core. The group consists of 12 models and is suitable for a wide range of applications, including metering, industrial and consumer electronics. The R32C/100 series is the top-level product series in the M16C Platform, which is a CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computer) microcontroller. The core is upward compatible with existing CPU cores in the platform, and also provides improvements in operation processing performance, bus usage efficiency and code efficiency.
The R32C/111 group has a maximum operating frequency of 50 MHz, which in combination with improvements to the CPU core architecture, an overall processing performance of 42 DMIPS executing code from embedded flash. It also incorporates an on-chip 32-bit multiplier, single-precision floating-point unit (FPU) and a 32-bit enhanced barrel shifter for dramatically improved operation processing performance. An expanded, on-chip 64-bit memory bus has improved bus efficiency.

The devices include a variety of on-chip peripheral functions, including a watchdog timer, high-functionality timers and four DMA controller channels. Additional features include nine free scalable USART, 26 channels of 10-bit A/D converter, two 8-bit D/A converter channels, a CRC calculation circuit for improved communication data reliability and an X-Y converter circuit supporting high-speed rotation or enlargement of image data.

The R32C/111 uses the FlatRAM approach. This gives a constant embedded RAM size, whatever Flash size is chosen. The basis of FlatRAM is that communication stacks, using the embedded RAM, do not shrink just because the flash demand goes down. The benefit of the FlatRAM approach is that engineers can use largest Flash product in their development phase and change later in mass production to the flash size most appropriate.

The embedded flash memory size is also free scalable with densities of 256kB, 384kB and 512kB. Memory densities of up to 1MB within the R32C Group will follow later this year.

R32C/111 group products come in small 100-pin LQFP (14 mm × 14 mm) packages, which are the same packages used for the M16C/62P and M32C/87 products.

“With the R32C/111 we can give system designers an interesting mix of a 32-bit CISC MCU with high performance and an affordable, power-efficient industrial microcontrollers,” comments Bernd Westhoff, product marketing manager, consumer and industrial business unit, Renesas Technology Europe. “The large embedded RAM of 40kB or 63kB based on the FlatRAM philosophy, along with a roadmap towards smaller pin count packages and higher integration of CAN, Ethernet and USB brings a new unexpected freedom to engineers.”

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