32-bit low power, highly integrated H8SX microcontroller enhanced with high-precision 16bit delta sigma A/D converter

6th July 2007
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Renesas Technology Europe has announced enhancements to its H8SX family of 32-bit CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computer) microcontrollers with the addition of the H8SX/1622 group, featuring a 50MHz maximum operating frequency, 50MIPS performance, and comprehensive on-chip peripheral functions. The enhanced family of micros offers a wide range of products ideal for varied systems in PCs and OA products, digital consumer, and industrial products fields.
There are also plans to expand the lineup to a total of 20 models with the addition of 5.0V products, on-chip USB products, and others by the end of 2007. These products offer compatibility with the current H8SX family, offering a flexible approach to system functional enhancements and version upgrades.
The H8SX/1622 implements 256-kbyte on-chip flash memory with zero wait state access, and also includes a 6-channel, 16-bit delta sigma type A/D converter*1 capable of high-precision conversion of information from various kinds of sensors, including gyro-sensors and optical, positional, acceleration, and sound sensors. This enables these models to be used in a wide range of application areas, including digital consumer applications, robotics, car navigations, and digital still cameras.

These are the first products in the H8SX family to incorporate a delta sigma type A/D converter. The conversion speed is up to twice as fast as in Renesas Technology’s current H8/300L series models incorporating a delta sigma type A/D converter, and resolution has been improved from 14 to 16 bits, providing both high speed and high precision.

In addition to a standard 144-pin LQFP (Low Profile Quad Flat L-Leaded Package), the package lineup includes a small 145-pin LGA (9mm  9mm) in which the LSI pins are connected to lands arranged in a grid pattern on the rear surface of the package. This enables a user to reduce the size of the board and mounting area in portable devices and the like.

Development background

Products in the PC, OA, digital consumer, and industrial fields continue to offer a variety of new functions while facing demands for systems to be made smaller and less inexpensive, and Renesas Technology has responded to this trend with the introduction of the H8SX family of high-performance 32-bit CISC microcomputers. The H8SX/1622 features many functions additional to those of the current H8SX family. In addition to the 16bit delta sigma A/D converter, a 10-bit A/C converter and 8-bit D/A converter are integrated, while 16-bit-timer TPU (Timer Pulse Unit) and PPG (Programmable Pulse Generator) units enable various kinds of user system timer and pulse control to be implemented by a single chip. An 8-bit timer input is now available as the clock source for the SCI (Serial Communication Interface) inherited from current products, allowing flexible transfer rates to be implemented, and on-chip memory of 256 kbytes flash and 24KB RAM is integrated.

H8SX/1622 group models include an on-chip delta sigma type A/D converter, with improvements over current H8/300L series delta sigma type A/D converter equipped products comprising 16-bit resolution and an approximately 50% reduction in single conversion time to 91.5s at 25MHz operation. This delta sigma type A/D converter enables models in this group to be used for high-precision sensors and precision measuring instruments requiring high definition and speed.

The package lineup comprises a 144-pin LQFP and 145-pin LGA for the H8SX/1622 group, all featuring a lead-free specification. The small size of the LGA enables smaller boards and mounting areas to be used, making it particularly suitable for portable devices and suchlike compact applications.

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