Pacy memory cards clock in at 30MB/s

17th April 2014
Mick Elliott

Toshiba Electronics Europe is launching the world’s fastest microSD memory cards that are compliant with the ultra high speed serial bus interface UHS-II , as defined in SD Memory Card Standard Ver. 4.20. The new microSD memory cards will be available in 32GB and 64GB and achieve the fastest transfer rates of any microSD card.

The cards are UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) enabled, and allow high-quality 4K video capture at constant minimum write speeds of 30MB/s.  This means that 4K2K video, live broadcast and content can be recorded on high-performance cameras.

The 32GB cards achieve maximum read speeds of 260 MB per second and maximum write speeds of 240MB per second. The 64 GB cards achieve maximum read speeds of 145MB per second and the maximum write speeds of 130MB per second.

Compared to Toshiba’s current 32GB microSD UHS-I cards, the write speed is improved by approximately 8 times, while the read speed is improved approximately 2.7 times. The faster transfer speeds can contribute to shortening the time it takes to download large data movie and music files to smartphones and tablets. It will also allow camera users to shoot digital still images continuously at high speed.

In recent years, with the development of high-function smartphones and tablets, the trend towards higher resolution photos and movies, and multi-function applications, has led to increasing demand for larger external memory cards and faster transfer speeds. Looking to the future, Toshiba will continue to meet market demands by enhancing its line-up of UHS-II compliant microSD memory cards.

Sample shipments for manufacturers of smartphones and other mobile devices, and for chipset vendors,

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