SST Extends Leadership in Low-Voltage, Low-Density Flash with Introduction of New 16-Mbit Solution

15th December 2006
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SST (Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.), today rounded out its 1.8V low-density flash product portfolio with the announcement of a 16 Mbit Multi-Purpose Flash Plus (MPF+) device. The SST39WF160x is the first 1.8V product in SST's MPF+ family. The devices, which are manufactured with SST's proprietary, high-performance CMOS SuperFlash technology, complement the MPF+ product family with reduced power consumption, making them ideal for portable applications such as MP3 players and Bluetooth headsets. In addition to offering significant power savings, SST's 1.8V MPF+ devices are available in very small packages to address the space constraints faced by leading portable application manufacturers.

SST has been a leader in 1.8V low-density flash since introducing the first 4 Mbit device in late 2003, said Sirak Brook, Senior Business Director, Standard and Special Products Group at SST. From that introduction, leading chipset and OEM manufacturers have embraced the low-power feature of our 1.8V devices, as well as the small form-factor packages. Our success continued with our 8 Mbit device and we expect the same success with the 16 Mbit device as it incorporates enhancements asked for by leading chipset designers in the portable applications space.
With today's announcement, SST has completed its low-density 1.8V parallel flash portfolio with devices at 4 Mbit, 8 Mbit and 16 Mbit densities. All of the devices are available in JEDEC approved pin-out micro packages, allowing customers to seamlessly migrate from the 4 Mbit device up to the
16 Mbit solution. The SST39WF1601 and SST39WF1602 products offer bottom-boot and top-boot features, respectively, as well as a uniform 2KWord sector for code optimization. The devices deliver a fast read access time of 90ns, with a 70ns version scheduled for release in the first half of 2007.

About SST's MPF+ Product Line
The MPF+ product line delivers high performance, superior reliability, low-power operation and small sector size. The product family features chip erase operations 1,000 times faster than conventional flash, eliminating bottlenecks and costs in the manufacturing process by enabling customers to erase their flash devices in 40 milliseconds instead of the one or more minutes typical with most flash alternatives. Other MPF+ product line features include: erase suspend/erase resume, which allows an erase operation to be suspended so that more time-critical operations can be performed before the erase operation is resumed; boot block write-protection, which allows the boot block area of the flash to be protected by a write-protect pin; security ID, which offers two 128-bit, one-time programmable registers; and hardware reset, which enables system designers to easily reset the entire flash device.

Pricing and Availability
The 16 Mbit 1.8V MPF+ (SST39WF1601 and SST39WF1602) devices are sampling now, with volume production scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2007. Pricing starts at $1.75 each for devices in a TFBGA package in 100K unit quantities.

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