Memory controller offers 3D Flash memory support

10th August 2017
Alice Matthews

Fabless semiconductor company, Hyperstone, has introduced its new F9 - CompactFlashT memory controller. The F9 is targeting industrial and high-end CompactFlash cards and embedded IDE disk-on-modules. In conjunction with Hyperstone's hyMap Flash translation layer (FTL) and hyReliabilityT firmware features, the F9 provides enhanced endurance and data retention management, as well as rigorous power fail-safe features.

Hyperstone's F9 controller delivers a sequential read speed of over 120MB/s and can write at up to 120MB/s, supporting up to 4,000 random 4k write IOPS. It is compatible with CF 6.1 and ATA-7 standards with speed modes up to UDMA 6, supporting next-gen SLC, MLC and 3D NAND Flashes.

The F9 features Hyperstone's hyMap sub-page-based Flash translation layer (FTL), its hyReliability Flash Memory Management and firmware architecture, and Data Refresh to maximise data retention. The device also provides S.M.A.R.T. health monitoring and lifetime estimation tools, and a secure boot feature for firmware security. An Ultra-Low-Alpha package compound reduces soft errors caused by alpha particle radiation.

Hyperstone's DRAM-less paged-based mapping technology, hyMap, - already widely successful in SD and USB applications of Hyperstone S8, U8, and U9 - has now been applied to CF / IDE applications. "The hyMap FTL and hyReliability feature-set are now available for CF," said Axel Mehnert, Vice President Marketing of Hyperstone. "Furthermore, the F9 is designed to deliver 120 MB/s sequential write and read performance without compromising reliability."

Only through a page-based mapping FTL can 3D, MLC, or any Flash with larger block sizes be used in a reliable manner. Users can now feel at ease in staying with their existing CF/IDE products. "Hyperstone is dedicated to supporting CompactFlash and PATA solutions by offering up-to-date Flash support," said Dr. Jan Peter Berns, Managing Director of Hyperstone. "It is our mission to support our customers with highly reliable storage solutions for the longer-term and also for interfaces that have been in the market for decades."

The F9 will initially be available in 144-ball TFBGA (9x9x1.2mm) and 128 pin TQFP (14x14x1.0mm) packages, qualified for the industrial temperature range (-40 to 85°C). Mass-production samples and released firmware are available now.

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