Suite designed to test IoT devices’ relevant Web API’s

13th February 2019
Alex Lynn

Provider for automated security testing solutions, has announced that it will be unveiling a special version of their product beSTORM. Called beSTORM IoT, this updated tool suite is designed to conduct in-depth comprehensive security testing on IOT devices. Beyond Security plans to release all the details at the RSA 2019 conference this March in San Francisco.

beSTORM IoT is based on Beyond Security’s multi-protocol fuzzer beSTORM which is capable of testing all matter of software and hardware at multiple layers including but not limited to the protocol layer, file fuzzing, as well as network and logic fuzzing.

beSTORM is a true black box solution that also offers a proprietary self-learning function that allows users to build comprehensive testing modules automatically from various analysis tools. Building on this foundation, beSTORM IoT allows users to easily access deploy fuzzing on the protocols and Web API’s underlying the vast majority of IoT devices.

Aviram Jenik, CEO and Co-Founder of Beyond Security, stated: “The usage of IOT devices is growing exponentially creating more and more security holes in networks daily. Known vulnerabilities that should have been patched years ago; default passwords; bad encryption settings; data leakage and other issues plague IoT devices that are slowly weaving and imbedding themselves into our lives and thus making us more vulnerable. 

“To help combat these known and unknown vulnerabilities, we have developed a special tool called beSTORM-IOT, which is a customised version of our popular beSTORM application testing blackbox testing tool, focused on devices, which are IoT based.”

beSTORM IoT is not only geared towards the IoT vendors, but also towards certification testers, or even end users, who are committed to secure their IoT devices against any potential vulnerabilities.

Beyond Security is a leading worldwide security solutions provider. Our testing tools accurately assess and manage security weaknesses in networks, applications, industrial systems and networked software as well the source code underlying these applications.

Beyond Security’s product lines include, beSECURE for network vulnerability management, beSTORM for software security testing, which can help secure network and applications and comply with the security policy requirements that exceeds industry and government standards and beSOURCE, which is a highly accurate and easy to use static application security testing (SAST) solution that provides tools for identifying, tracking, security flaws such as security vulnerabilities, compliance issues in the source code.

Beyond Security delivers fast and cost-effective PCI ASV compliance scanning and PCI compliance testing is built into every beSECURE VAM implementation.

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