Node & gateway devices build IoT environments

20th February 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman

A series of node and gateway devices, which allows System Integrators to build their own IoT environment, has been released by Advantech. The WISE-3000 devices, which feature WISE-cloud IoT software, provide remote device management, reliable data acquisition and security protection for many IoT applications.

The company has designed two types of WISE-Nodes: Senor Nodes and I/O Nodes. Alongside a 6LowPAN communication carrier board, the devices feature a function board with an enclosure for different application environment demands. The WISE-3010 node is an outdoor parking solution which uses a low-field magnetic sensor for parking space availability direction. The WISE-3021 node, an AI/DIDO thermal sensor node equipped with temperature and humidity sensors, is designed for general environmental monitoring. The I/O-Nodes include the WISE-3150, the WISE-3151 and the WISE-3152. The WISE-3150 is designed with a 6-channel analogue input interface, the WISE-3151 features an RS-422/485 interface which provides two plug-in terminal blocks and configurable Modbus, and the WISE-3152 is a digital I/O node designed with a 6-channel output with power relay.

The WISE-3000 gateway node devices deliver wire-like data reliability and performance in a low power, cost-effective design. By allowing universal TCP/IP adoption, the IP-based devices meet IoT demands for cloud computing and Big Data applications. The WISE-3310 and WISE-3320 gateway devices use WPAN technology to access and manage WISE-Node devices wirelessly and transfer sensor data from WPAN to the internet. The former is a Freescale i.MX6 dual Cortex-A9 1.0GHz platform with wireless mesh solution to connect up to 200 WISE-Node devices, while the latter is a TI Sitera AM3352 Dual Cortex-A8 1.0GHz platform with wireless mesh solution to connect up to 100 WISE-Node Devices.

The WISE-3000 series offers customers a reliable WSN with robust interconnectivity, ease of installation and low maintenance costs. Suitable applications include environmental monitoring and indoor/outdoor data collecting network applications, such as air quality systems, water tank level monitoring, smart parking systems and smart gardens. On request, the devices can be customised.

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