LoRa shields accelerate IoT developments

19th September 2016
Mick Elliott

The SX1276 LoRa ARM mbed-enabled shields from Semtech are now being shipped by Mouser Electronics. These easily programmable tools come pre-installed with editable source code, allowing developers to easily develop Internet of Things (IoT) applications and connect to LoRaWAN gateways. This gives developers the tools necessary to test the capabilities of LoRa radio frequency (RF) technology and create IoT solutions.

The shields are produced in association with ARM and based on Semtech’s SX1276 transceiver. The shields, designed for the ISM 433 MHz and 868 MHz frequency bands of Europe and China (SX1276MB1MAS) and 433 MHz and 915 MHz bands of North America (SX1276LB1LAS), give developers source code to enable RF tests, simple point-to-point communication and other device compatibility.

The SX1276MB1LAS uses a dedicated output pin so it can achieve 20dBm on the HF output, while the LF output on both versions of the board limits maximum power to 14 dBm.

The mbed shields plug into any mbed microcontroller development platforms from STMicroelectronics, NXP, and other manufacturers.

The onboard SX1276 transceiver features a LoRa long range modem, which provides ultra-long range, spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity while minimizing current consumption. Using Semtech’s patented LoRa modulation technique, the SX1276 can achieve a sensitivity of over ‑148dBm using a low-cost crystal and bill of materials.

The high sensitivity combined with the integrated +20 dBm power amplifier yields industry-leading link budget of 168 dB, making it ideal for applications that require range or robustness.

The SX1276 delivers exceptional phase noise, selectivity, receiver linearity and IIP3 for significantly lower current consumption than competing devices.

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