Cortex-A9 based processors target IoT applications

13th April 2015
Nat Bowers

Designed for IoT applications, Toshiba Electronics Europe expands its selection of ApP Lite processors. The TZ5010XBG and the TZ5011XBG application processors are based on a 1.0GHz ARM Cortex-A9 dual core processor, while the TZ5021XBG and TZ5023XBG are based on an 800MHz ARM Cortex-A9 dual core processor.

Toshiba’s proprietary hardware-based power management and system integration technology enables high memory efficiency, low latency processing and dependable security features. It also enables the processors to enter a low power mode within microseconds and to make the transition to low power mode more easily than software-based approaches, which can be significantly slower. These features help to reduce power consumption and contribute to reduced thermal output for most applications. All four additions to the TZ5000 range include a MIPI Display Serial Interface that supports full 1080p/60FPS HD video and the TZ5010 and TZ5011 include a MIPI Camera Serial Interface that supports full 1080p/30FPS HD video.

The TZ5010XBG and the TZ5011XBG incorporate a built-in baseband for high-speed WiFi 802.11ac with graphic and video engines and HDMI digital serial interfaces. These processors are suitable for IoT gateway devices where greater data capacity is required for media files and HD images. Both processors offer extended temperature range, CPU and memory performance. They can be used in a broader variety of settings than previous processors, including industrial applications, Miracast supported display devices and media streaming technology.

The TZ5021XBG and TZ5023XBG application processors include support for LP-DDR2/3 memory and a specialised low power mode for mobile devices. These features are contained within the small package size needed for ever more streamlined IoT applications, such as smart watches. The TZ5023XBG also has a low-power DSP, the Cadence Tensilica HiFi Mini, which executes voice, audio and sensor processing.

Toshiba has also announced a general-purpose reference board, Android and Yocto Linux (Yocto Project) SDK and design guidelines to facilitate easy installation of the required development environment.

The TZ5010XBG and TZ5011XBG measure 12x13x1.2mm, while the TZ5021XBG and TZ5023XBG measure just 12x12x0.8mm. All chips feature a pitch of 0.5mm. Samples are now available.

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