SPDT reflective switch boasts 500ns switching speed

26th June 2016
Mick Elliott

Availability and full design support capabilities has been announced by Richardson RFPD for a new 100W continuous wave SPDT reflective switch from Microsemi.  The MPS2R10-606 SPDT series-shunt PIN diode switch operates from 50 to 100 MHz, with 500ns switching speed.

At 100 MHz, it typically offers 60dB isolation, with 0.1dB insertion loss and 28dB return loss. At 500MHz, it typically offers 55dB isolation, 0.2dB insertion loss, and 15dB return loss.

The new device can handle 100W CW incident power and is offered in a 0805-size surface mount package. Thermal transfer is optimised by elimination of the traditional package interface. It is completely compatible with pick-and-place and solder reflow manufacturing techniques.

The MPS2R10-606 is optimised for UHF high-power and T/R switching applications.



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