RF modem needs just power & data for 56Kb/s over 500m

6th March 2015
Barney Scott

The latest addition to RF Solutions’ SMART Radio RF module range, the KAPPA is a fully functional radio modem in module form requiring only power and data in order to achieve a wireless serial data link at up to 56Kb/s over a 500m range. Operating on the license free 868MHz band, the intelligent radio module is individually addressable, allowing KAPPA networks in formats ranging from one-to-one to many-to-many.

In addition to standard modem features, the KAPPA benefits from RF Solutions’ ‘Acknowledge Secure Mode’, which automatically prevents any transmitted data from being lost. In this mode, if the transmitting KAPPA fails to receive the expected acknowledgement for a specific packet it will transmit its data again up to 10 times before allowing the data stream to resume.

Not only is the KAPPA feature rich, but RF Solutions says it also represents a cost effective RF data module. Available in SIL and SMT packages, the KAPPA is suitable for volume applications. The KAPPA benefits from all the usual attributes of a reliable modem, within the compact and convenient proportions of a versatile radio module.

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