RF mixer is claimed to consume up to 30% less power

29th October 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

Delivering RF technology that reduces distortion in LTE and time-division duplexing systems while minimising power consumption, the F1178 RF mixer has been released by Integrated Device Technology. Improving third order intercept point (IP3O) by up to 8dB, the device is claimed to consume up to 30% less power than competing devices, at 1.4W.

Designed to operate with a single 5V supply, the RF to IF mixer expands IDT’s family of Zero-Distortion dual mixers. The F1178 mixer, which is suitable for base station radio cards, repeaters, DAS and microwave backhaul equipment, is optimised for operation in receivers with RF bands from 3300 to 3800MHz. 

Ultra-high IP3 allows for high- gain frontends, while low power consumption eases heat-sinking requirements on radio cards. Further reducing power consumption, the device delivers fast settling from power up with constant LO impedance, enabling customers to power the mixer down in between time-division duplexing receiver slots.

“This eagerly anticipated addition to our portfolio of popular dual mixers delivers the high performance customers rely upon from us to rapidly deploy 3.5GHz band solutions. With its extremely low IM3 distortion, the F1178 can significantly improve radio card performance,” commented Chris Stephens, Senior Director of Wireless Product Definition and Marketing, IDT. “With the F1178 dual mixer, customers can improve signal-to-noise ratio by running their system with higher RF gain while maintaining excellent IM3 distortion, just like they do at the lower frequency bands with our mixers.”

The F1178 RF mixer is now sampling.

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