Off the Shelf Standard Resonators - Characterisation Not Required

13th December 2005
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A selection of devices from Murata’s CERALOCK range of ceramic resonators are now available as standard parts from the company's distribution network.
Typically, these devices require characterising to the customer’s selected IC and PCB, but Murata has identified a number of standard frequencies which suit many general purpose industrial and consumer applications.

The CST family of CERALOCK parts have built-in load capacitors, removing the need for external devices. Selected plated through hole and surface mount versions have been made available suitable for both industrial and consumer use.

Certain plated through hole versions have been selected, to meet the requirements of a range of consumer applications including DTMF generators, remote control units and automated office equipment. They are stable over a wide temperature range and exhibit superior shock resistance when compared to quartz crystal alternatives.

Devices with oscillation frequencies of 3.6MHz, 4MHz, 6MHz, 8MHz and 10MHz are available with a built in capacitance of 15pF, while 16 and 32MHz parts come with 5pF load capacitor built in.

The surface mount parts now available as standard are small and low profile, making them ideal for designs requiring high-density packaging. They are offered in a wider frequency range, from 2MHz to 32MHz and, depending on part selected, built in load capacitors vary from 5 to 39pF.

Applications include electronic control circuits for small electronic devices such as video cameras, audio-visual equipment and PC peripherals such as DVD and CD-ROM players and hard disk drives.

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