Power amplifier features integrated linearization technology

1st August 2013
Raj Joshi

NuWaves Engineering release the NuPower Xtender Linear Bidirectional S-Band Power Amplifier module, model number NW-LBSSPA-10W-2.2-2.5. The new power amplifier module is designed for use with half-duplex RF transceivers operating amplitude-modulated waveforms (e.g. OFDM, QAM). The NuPower Xtender is the first linearized model from the company’s new Xtender series of bidirectional power amplifiers, which are based on the successful NuPower broadband, high-efficiency, miniature PA module product line.

In order to maximize power efficiency and reduce power back-off requirements, the Xtender Linear Bidirectional S-Band PA leverages analog pre-distortion techniques. It also generates 6 Watts of average RF output power from 2200 to 2500 MHz, given a 10 dB Peak-to-Average Power Ratio waveform. NuWaves’ new power amplifier generates 10 Watts of RF output power with continuous wave signals. Supporting multiple different data links the Xtender PA features automatic transmit sensing circuitry. This provides nearly instantaneous (less than 2 microseconds) switching between receive and transmit modes as well as manual mode switching for data links with an available T/R signal output.

Jeff Wells, President and CEO of NuWaves Engineering, commented: “NuWaves’ application of leading-edge amplifier linearization techniques is accelerating the evolution of power-efficient bidirectional power amplifiers for modern communication systems.”

Both compact and rugged, the latest NuPower Xtender bidirectional PA features a nickel-plated aluminium chassis occupying just 3.00” x 2.00” x 1.15” (6.9 cubic inches). This combined with a weight of less than 6 ounces makes the power amplifier ideal for integration into small platforms, such as Group 2 and Group 3 Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Unmanned Ground Vehicles, etc. Improving receive performance of the entire communication system, the Xtender’s optional integrated low noise amplifier provides 8 dB of small signal gain and lowers the maximum noise figure to 3 dB. Custom frequency band configurations ranging from 500 MHz up to 4.2 GHz are possible with the Xtender design.

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