Low-cost automotive SMD-quartz crystals

16th October 2008
ES Admin

The product assortment “Automotive SMD-quartz crystals” of PETERMANN-TECHNIK includes low-cost/high-performance SMD-quartz crystals in a series HC-49/US-SMD metal housing with 2 and 3 pins (3-pin housing with grounding pin greatly improves the EMC-behaviour in comparison with a normal 2-pin housing) produced in clean rooms, as well as ceramic housing with the dimensions 7x5, 6x3.5 5x3.2, and 3.2x2.5 mm.

All low-cost/high-performance automotive SMD-quartz crystals are naturally available in the expanded temperature range of –40/+125°C. The various housings cover the entire frequency range of 3.579545 – 121 MHz and are naturally certifiable in accordance with Automotive Norm AEC-Q200REV.C. Customer-specific designs are available on short notice. Circuit development, circuit analyses, circuit simulations, matching tests (adaptation of the quartz crystals to IC’s), etc. are offered by the specialists of PETERMANN-TECHNIK.

Naturally, the very extensive product assortment of PETERMANN-TECHNIK also includes various quartz oscillators (XO, PXO, SPXO, TCXO, VCTCXO, OCXO) and oscillator-IC’s.

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