Doubling the capacitance of 0603 MLO capacitors

9th January 2014
Nat Bowers

Extending the highest-rated capacitance value from 2.5 to 5.1pF, AVX has announced the doubling of the capacitance of its 0603 MLOC (Multilayer Organic Capacitor) series. The series is targeted at applications including RF power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, filter networks, and instrumentation.

Capable of supporting frequencies in excess of 5GHz, AVX’s 0603 MLO capacitors feature low ESR, high SRF, high Q, low dielectric absorption of 0.0015%, and capacitance tolerances as tight as ±0.02pF. Expansion matched to PCBs for improved reliability, the 0603 MLOC series is capable of operating over a temperature range from 55 to +125°C.

MLOCs are polymer based capacitors that use high conductivity copper interconnects in a multilayer fashion. The ability to fabricate these components on large area substrates and state of the art laser direct imaging allow for improved cost benefits and tolerance control.

Manufactured using low-loss organic polymer materials, the RF capacitors are rated for 50V, 250V, and 500V. 100% evaluated for capacitance and proof voltage at 2.5 UR,each and every production lot has reliability data verified via JEDEC, Mil Spec, and IPC testing. Packaged on 7” unmarked reels each containing 3,000 pieces, the series is RoHS compliant and lead-free compatible.

Larry Eisenberger, Senior Marketing Application Engineer, AVX, comments: “Fabricated on large area substrates and state-of-the-art laser direct imaging, our 0603 MLO RF capacitors provide customers with improved cost benefits and tolerance control, as well as exhibit excellent performance."

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