1.6 x 1.3 mm – supernatural – nano quartz crystals up to 52 MHz basic sound

1st November 2010
ES Admin

Specialist PETERMANN-TECHNIK offers the world’s smallest mini SMD quartz crystal with 52 MHz basic sound in a 1.6 mm x 1.3 mm ceramic housing. This time, the new highlight of the “mini SMD quartz crystals” range is the smallest mini SMD quartz crystal in a 1.6 x 1.3 mm ceramic housing with up to 52 MHz basic sound. The unusually high basic sound frequency of 52 MHz offers designers of low-power mobile applications and developers of very small sensor applications enormous freedom in circuit development.

The nano SMD quartz crystals are produced in absolutely sterile conditions and have a ceramic body with a welded Kovar cover, which enables frequency tolerances at +-8 ppm and above to be used with aging at +-1 ppm per year. The tiny crystal is available in temperature ranges of -40/+85°. The nano SMD crystals, which are fitted with a very small quartz blank, are of course very shock and vibration-resistant. PETERMANN-TECHNIK’s specialist service catalogue also includes application analyses, circuit analyses, circuit development, circuit simulations and design-in support as technical added value. With its highly qualified range of services, PETERMANN-TECHNIK aims to contribute to its customers’ success.

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