CMOS logic devices extends the battery cell lifetime

16th January 2014
Nat Bowers

Extending the battery cell lifetime of a variety of hand-held consumer electronics (such as mobile/smartphones, e-book readers and tablets), the 74AUP2G family of CMOS logic devices are designed specifically for low voltage, low energy operation. This family of dual gate, advanced, ultra-low power CMOS logic devices has been announced by Diodes Incorporated.

Operating over an input range of 0.8V-3.6V, the 74AUP2G family features low static and dynamic power consumption, a leakage current of less than 0.9µA, and a typical power dissipation capacitance of 6pF at 3.6V. These features mean that the logic family enables circuit supplies to be reduced to the lowest practical levels. With typical hysteresis of 250mV at 3.0VCC, the logic devices feature Schmitt trigger action at all inputs which make the circuit tolerant for slower input rise and fall times.

The ultra-low power 74AUP2G logic family consists of seven different dual gate devices: 74AUP2G04, 74AUP2G06, 74AUP2G07, 74AUP2G14, 74AUP2G17, 74AUP2G34, 74AUP2G3404. These variants all offer different combinations of inversion and buffering functions: inverters; inverters with open-drain output; buffers; buffers with open-drain output; Schmitt trigger inverters and Schmitt trigger buffers.

In order to meet the requirements of next generation product sizing and manufacturing processes, the logic devices are offered in a selection of three different leadless packages: DFN0910, DFN1010 and DFN1410. Measuring just 0.9x1.0x0.35mm, the DFN0910 is one of the world’s smallest six-pin packages, enabling both space and weight savings. The DFN1010 packages measures 1.0x1.0x0.4mm and is suitable for advanced tablet computers, smart phones and cameras. The DFN1410 package is suitable for small systems with relaxed lead pitch such as tablet computers and netbooks. This package measures 1.4x1.0x0.5mm.

Priced at $0.13 (USD) each in single reel quantities of 5,000 units, the 74AUP2G dual gate advanced ultra low power logic devices from Diodes Incorporated are available now.

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