TFT Displays with True Multi-Touch PCTs from Densitron

15th March 2011
ES Admin
Densitron has introduced a new series of Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Touchscreens (PCTs) which requires only the slightest touch (near 0 gram activation force) to function. The new PCTs have the ability to detect multiple stimuli and up to 10 simultaneous touch inputs.
They also enable gestures like zooming in, zooming out and rotation. As the PCTs are made from an all glass construction, they are less likely to suffer from the Newton rings phenomenon.

The new multi-touch sensors have an operating temperature range of between −20°C and 70°C, and go perfectly with many of Densitron’s TFT displays. Complete Display & Touch modules are produced using the most advanced and cost-effective Optical Bonding Technology. It affixes a touch sensor directly onto a flat panel display to eliminate the air gap in between and to reduce reflectance to as low as 0.2%. This dramatically increases contrast ratio, enabling sunlight readability without backlight modification. The optical bonding process also gives display modules the additional benefit of being ruggedized as it increases their ability to withstand higher impact forces compared to bonding without optical adhesive.

To address potential electrical interference between a display bezel and the edge of a capacitive sensor, Densitron offers controllers which allow users to tune SW parameters to optimise sensor, controller and display combination. The controllers are capable of providing touch input data in I2C or USB format. Default parameters will be supplied for each sensor to get design engineers started and details of the data format can also be provided.

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