Power Efficient Densitron OLED Displays Now Have Up To 150,000 Hours Lifetime

28th June 2012
ES Admin
The versatility of OLED displays is evident through their adoption by companies across a broad spectrum of industries. Many organisations chose OLED for its vivid images, excellent contrast ratio and an almost 175° viewing angle, which allow their offerings to be clearly differentiated from their rivals’.
Continuous improvement in materials and driver IC, and switchover from TAB and COF to COG bonding over the years have enabled power efficiency and lifetime of Densitron OLED displays across all colours to increase significantly. A few years ago Yellow OLED displays typically have 40,000 hours lifetime at 100 nits brightness. Densitron can now offer Yellow OLEDs that have 100,000 hours lifetime at 100 nits and 150,000 hours lifetime at 80 nits. Other display colours in Densitron’s range of OLED now have three times longer lifetime than when they were first introduced.

Apart from technical breakthroughs, the choice of OLED displays has also increased over time. To cater for individual requirements, Densitron supplies a wide selection of Alphanumeric, Monographic and Full Colour OLED displays. They come with outstanding features and user-friendly connector boards that enable easy system integration and deliver high display performance in an industrial environment. Easy-to-use evaluation kits that drive OLED displays directly from USB ports are available and the displays can be further enhanced through Densitron’s Engineering Design Service which offers options on integrating standard or custom display modules with touch screens, PCBs, Plastics, and/or Keypads.

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