Plastic Logic announces new flexible displays

13th August 2020
Alex Lynn

Plastic Logic has announced new low-temperature displays and evaluation kits that can speed up the development of a wide range of applications. The Lectum displays are high-resolution, lightweight and ultra-low-power and are far more rugged than standard glass-based EPDs.

Being thinner and lighter makes them ideal for applications such as smart cards, wearables and labels.

  • The 2.1″ Lectum Low Temperature display is a flexible active-matrix EPD incorporating an Ultrachip UC8156, integrated drivers and power management. It supports 240 x 146 pixels at 132 ppi and operates at temperatures as low as -25°C. This display is particularly suitable for smart cards, wearables and labels where lower temperature is a requirement.
  • The 3.1” Lectum display also uses the Ultrachip UC8156 chip and features on-board, highly integrated electronics which contain the source and gate drivers, the EPD controller and power management.

Lectum EPD displays can be used for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Smart cards: The Lectum EPD enables the design of a smart card display which not only shows information dynamically and in high resolution, but also withstands known user behaviour – including being put in a back pocket and sat on. It is intrinsically low power and only requires battery power when an image is updated. Thinner and/or printed batteries can be considered for design and the end-user still benefits from a device which only has to be charged occasionally.
  • Wearables: Glass-free Lectum displays are a perfect addition to any wearable technology designer’s toolkit. They are extremely robust and shatterproof and allow wearables to withstand the wear and tear of daily device usage. Being plastic displays, they are ultrathin, lightweight and flexible, making them well suited for integration in a host of wearables, including smart jewellery, devices for mobile health monitoring, smart clothing, and so on.

Plastic Logic also provides designers with a set of Evaluation Kitswhich can be used to try out its Lectum EPD displays in ‘real world’ applications. They are available for different sized displays depending on individual requirements.

Plastic Logic’s Lectum displays are available as engineering samples as well as in volume and can be ordered on request.

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