LED Video Displays with Multi ChipLEDs from OSRAM raise image quality to a new level

23rd February 2011
ES Admin
A new high-performance LED video display developed by FormoLight Technologies, Inc. provides high brightness and high contrast with sharp, vivid images for indoor and outdoor applications thanks to an LED solution from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors that utilizes its compact Multi ChipLEDs.
The RGB Multi ChipLEDs used in the FormoLight display are the smallest RGB LEDs currently on the market. Their compact size permits a special image format in LED video displays ranging in size from small to large screens. The FormoLight display utilizes OSRAM’s Multi ChipLED technology to deliver high brightness, rich colors, sharp contours and depth of field, displaying high-quality images with high contrast.

In this display, for interior use, the LEDs are not used as backlighting light sources that are hidden from viewers such as in LCDs, but in this application the LEDs are clearly visible on the surface of the display. However, they remain undetected by viewers because the Multi ChipLEDs are extremely small (1.6 mm x 1.6 mm and 0.9 mm thick) and virtually invisible through the black LED housing.

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