High-speed monitors to enhance gaming tournaments

6th March 2015
Barney Scott

AOC is proud to announce its expanded presence as the official gaming monitor sponsor of Ireland’s eSports tournament G-Series 2015, as well as the official monitor provider of the ESL UK Premiership for the three seasons of 2015. AOC will provide its premium gaming monitors to the eSports stage and player set-up areas, ensuring fast-paced gaming action on high-quality displays.

The eSports tournament G-Series 2015 consists of three major events (G-Series 4, 5 & 6) and each event hosts some smaller sub-tournaments and side events which everyone can take part in. The official kick off will be on 21st March 2015 at the O’Callaghan Alexander Hotel, Dublin. Ensuring unadulterated fast-paced gaming action, AOC provides fourteen units of the 27″ (68.6 cm) E2752VQ, twelve units of the 24″ (61 cm) G2460PQU/BR and four units of the 27″ (68.6 cm) G2770PQU.

As the official gaming monitor sponsor, AOC supports this year’s G-Series that will feature three major tournaments and several smaller sub-tournaments. For the first time in Irish eSports history, the event offers a split based tournament. This means that there are going to be two preliminaries: spring (G-Series 4) and summer (G-Series 5). Between both tournaments, teams compete for points in order to qualify for the national championship (G-Series 6) at the end of 2015. In fact, splitting the event is supposed to bring the idea of this Irish tournament more closely in line with other professional gaming events around the world.

According to Paul Butler, Regional Sales Director for AOC in the UK and Ireland (and recently nominated as one of the region’s top 50 tech executives by a leading industry journal), AOC sees enormous potential for competitive gaming in the region. “With this in mind, we want to play our part in further supporting gaming competitions, promoting talents and sharpening the profile of AOC as a leading gaming specialist,” says Paul Butler. He continues: “We are truly proud to be part of this popular event, standing by prominent players from all over Ireland and the UK and rooting for them.”

AOC offers several cutting-edge models which expressly cater to gamers’ needs.

• G2460PQU/BR: With a refresh rate of 144Hz this monitor takes gaming performance to the max - at an affordable price. The model also comes with a sleek red trim design, which makes it a real eye-catcher.

• G2770PQU: With a 27″ (68.6cm) TN panel, the G2770PQU is the largest monitor in the display expert’s gaming portfolio. The model boasts the same excellent refresh rate and equally speedy response time as the model above.

• E2752VQ: AOC’s multimedia all-rounder is a great addition to the models mentioned above. Response times of only 2ms makes sure that even the most action-packed video games can be played without blurring. Gamers will also benefit from the 27″ (68.6 cm) display real estate.

All of these models will be present at this year’s G-Series events. Furthermore, the display specialist will organise monitor sweepstakes at each tournament. AOC is looking forward to supporting the G-Series and working closely with the Geek Ireland team in helping to ensure the events to be a true success.

The ESL UK Premiership is the largest eSports tournament in the UK for League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive since 2010. This year’s ESL UK Premiership will see the best teams from the UK and Ireland going head-to-head in three seasons, competing to secure a share of the £12,000 prize pool. Regional players will be able to show off their skills during the two month tournament of the first season. The finals will be hosted by the MCM Comic Con, one of the most popular pop culture and memorabilia shows in the UK, with 110,000 attendees expected for the upcoming London event.

The first of three Counter Strike: Global Offensive qualifiers started on Monday 23rd February and was followed by the first League of Legends qualifier on 2nd March.

According to Henry Greer of the professional multi-gaming organisation Team Infused, “the AOC G2460PQU monitor is a great choice for the LAN finals event at MCM as it's a high-end, versatile monitor for both CS:GO and League of Legends. We've always had a great experience when using their monitor range and I feel they have set a bench mark for other companies to achieve. We are thrilled to see them at the finals where the hardware you use matters the most.”

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