New OLED Displays Offer Substantial Cost Savings

12th July 2010
ES Admin
Users of Passive Matrix OLED (PMOLED) know that both low and high voltage supplies are required to power up a PMOLED. Whilst high voltage can be created using a low voltage supply together with a number of external components, for example, DC/DC converter chip, capacitor, inductor and sometimes resistor, all these additional parts can increase costs. To address this issue, Densitron has launched a new range of PMOLED displays, which includes DD-2864BY-3A (0.96”), DD-12864WE-4A (0.96”), and DD-9616BE-2A (0.84”), that comes with in-built DC/DC charge pumps. The displays are ideal for low power handheld devices and high-end industrial applications. With the new embedded feature, only a single low voltage supply (3.3V-4.2V) and three add-on capacitors are required to power up each display, bringing up to 90% savings on the costs associated with external components normally required for a PMOLED.
Schematic design of application circuits around the new PMOLED displays can also be simplified and less peripheral components will be needed, thereby reducing design problems and leading to higher cost effectiveness as a whole.

The new PMOLED displays can be further enhanced through Densitron’s Engineering Design Service which offers options on integrating standard or custom display modules with PCB, Plastics, and/or Keypads.

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