AMOLED displays have Capacitive Touch Sensors

3rd July 2009
ES Admin
Densitron has announced the introduction of Active Matrix OLED (AMOLED) display solutions with Capacitive Touch Sensor technology. AMOLED displays from Densitron can now be supplied together with Capacitive Touch Screens, assembled and tested.
Capacitive technology comes with many benefits and is used in a wide range of applications, for instance, Point-of-Sale, and industrial control and handheld devices. With a transparency of over 90%, Capacitive Sensors allow the brightness and vibrant colours of AMOLED displays to stay true when fitted with touch screens.

Capacitive technology also offers a very high touch resolution that enables pinpoint touch detection and allows sensor activation by low force touch. Recalibration is not required to ensure accurate touch detection even when Capacitive Sensors are used under harsh environmental conditions. A glass or acrylic window of less than 1mm can be added onto the touch layer to waterproof and further protect the front of the Capacitive Sensor from scratch.

For design engineers’ convenience, Densitron has combined the connections of the AMOLED display and the Capacitive Touch Sensor, enabling a single connector to be used for the assembled unit.

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