Design security into your system with waterproof HD‐BNC interface

30th June 2022
Louis Regnier

AmphenolRFexpandsIP67sealedHD‐BNCconnectorserieswithadditionaloptionsforavarietyof popular coax cable types.

Amphenol RF is pleased to offer a wide selection of waterproof IP67-rated HD‐BNC connectors.Theseconnectorsaredesignedspecificallyforuseinapplicationswherethesystemmaybe compromised through exposure to the elements. The sealed HD‐BNC interface is engineered to provide strong protection against anything that would negatively affect system performance and is ideal for a variety of miniaturised applications.

IP67 HD‐BNC connectors utilise the trusted bayonet‐style positive locking mechanism for easy installation and secure mating. This interface is available in a number of both 50 and 75 ohm configurationsincluding straightand right-angle versionsforcable mountapplications,andfeaturesa closedentryinterface.HD‐BNCconnectorsareapopularchoiceforbroadcast,militaryandindustrial applications equipment.

HD‐BNCinterconnectsarefourtimessmallerthanthetraditionalBNCconnectorwhichallowsfor increaseddensitywhilestillofferingallthesamefeaturesandbenefits,cableprepandassembly methods.



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