Zuken Takes Systems and PCB Design to the Next Level with CR-5000 2009

2nd October 2009
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Zuken has announced the latest version of the advanced modular and robust design suite for electronics systems and PCBs, CR-5000 2009. This includes the official American and European launch of CR-5000 Design Gateway that unlocks the future world of advanced enterprise-wide design for the most cutting-edge product development; major design quality improvements for CR-5000 Board Designer for layout design; plus increased competitive capabilities within high-speed design and verification environment CR-5000 Lightning.
The Future with CR-5000 Design Gateway

CR-5000 Design Gateway is Zuken’s next generation circuit design creation packaging which is set to be the collaborating force between board level design and hardware design, bringing the two disciplines together. It also opens up scope for advanced product lifecycle management, becoming more and more integral to maintaining the competitive position of companies.

For the project manager Design Gateway provides ultimate control in the system level design process, through the improvement of quality, prediction and reduction of risks, along with the ability to capture project costs up front. For the engineering manager it provides a conceptual design creation environment to boost productivity and improve efficiency within the CR-5000 environment and through native integration of third party tools.

Stepping up Design Quality with CR-5000 Board Designer

The version 12.0 of CR-5000 Board Designer will take users to another level in progressing design quality in the layout process. This has been achieved through enhanced editing functionality, collaboration and verification within the CR-5000 environment and selected third party solutions. It features capabilities for dealing with the latest chipsets with larger memories and complex space issues and advanced capabilities for verification to eliminate inconsistencies and detection of errors.

Low Effort High-Speed Design with CR-5000 Lightning

Ease of use and advanced capabilities for cutting edge high-speed designs has been the focus of development for version 12.0 of the high-sped design and verification environment CR-5000 Lightning. Highlights include the introduction of automatic ‘escape routing’ and ‘smart fan-out’ to simplify the routing process, along with support for S-parameter models, easy-to-use parameter sweep and waveform comparison functionality, along with improved error resolution capabilities for the latest high-speed boards.

Deeper Integration with CR-5000 System Designer

Zuken continues its commitment to CR-5000 System Designer and has focused effort on developing even deeper integration with other solutions in the CR-5000 design environment that help to improve product quality and communication with other electronic design disciplines while saving Design Engineers time.

All the latest modules within the CR-5000 environment are available from the Autumn.

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